Game jargon – Apex Legends

Game jargon – Apex Legends

8 min read | 20 Mar 2023

Are you new to Apex Legends and looking to learn more about the in-game terminology that is used by players?

In this guide, we look at some of the most commonly used terms or phrases in Apex Legends, and what they mean.


When you and your teammates all count down together to shoot at a specific target on the enemy team.


When a player holds position in a specific spot in order for their team to safely retreat.


Refers to a new player, who may not have a good understanding of the game mechanics. They can also be referred to as bots.


A colloquial way of referring to a player using a battery to heal up.


The colloquial way of saying ‘challenge’ – referring to when you push a player before they push you.


When a player moves in and out of a Gibby Bubble, taking shots and shooting an enemy inside the bubble.


When a player has no shields.


A controller player who goes after kills. This is generally their designated role.


Refers to when a player, or multiple players, hold a specific chokepoint to keep any enemy at bay and not let them through to reach the next zone.

Give Me Knock / Use Me:

When you hold a knockdown shield so a teammate can use it as cover.

God Spot:

The strongest position within the ring, or the future ring.

Hot Zone:

A random highlighted area on the map (also referred to as Zone) where there is more likely to be better loot available for players.


Rapidly pressing A-D-A-D on the keyboard to move side to side in a position.


When Wraith uses her portal and ‘Phase’ ability to go near an enemy player. This tactic can bring the enemy player through the portal, and hopefully in a position where allies can kill them.


When you follow another team’s rotate path, so you can pinch them between another team at a later point.


Placing a Crypto drone in a hidden spot on the map, with the intention of retrieving it at a later point in the game.

Play your life:

Quickly removing yourself from a fight to try and stay alive for longer. This is done when teammates have been knocked down or eliminated, and the goal is to try and revive teammates at a later time, or to get more placement points.

Playing Zone:

When you and your teammates rotate early to hold your ground in the zone.


A counterplay that punishes an enemy player. If successful, these will result in them being knocked down, or eliminated.


Refers to when the last remaining player in a squad tries to hide in a zone and remain unnoticed. This way, they can earn more RP for surviving longer.


When you stick an Arc Star to an enemy player – causing them to take damage, and have their movement speed slowed.


To eliminate a knocked down player to loot them for ammo, med kits, or for shields.

These are just some of the many things you may hear in a game of Apex Legends, but there are many more things to learn as you go through your matches. But, let us know on the British Esports Twitter if we missed any important terminology, or share what game you would like us to cover next.

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