Esports Scotland – College Summer Camps

Esports Scotland – College Summer Camps

3 min read | 22 Jul 2022

On Thursday the 21st of July, our Women in Esports Manager, Billie Purdie, visited Esports Scotland’s Summer Camp – where children are learning how to become the next ‘Esports Star’.

In collaboration with Dundee and Angus College, Esports Scotland have hosted a week long summer camp, where children aged 7-12 years old have had the opportunity to learn a variety of topics and skills in esports, to help give them an insight into the industry. By Thursday, they had gained experience in creating their own team, coming up with their own team name and designing their own logo to participate in a tournament against one another. 

When Billie asked the girls what their favourite part of the week had been so far, they told us that they enjoyed “designing the game characters and their logo” as well as “becoming a queen of esports”. The girls enjoying the designing and creative elements of the camp so far shows, as the create a logo competition had them taking first and second place. 

Image: Two young girls attending the Summer Camp drawing esports logos.

The youngsters have been engaging well throughout the week in all activities. Amongst the four girls participating, twenty one boys have participated.

James Hood, CEO of Esports Scotland, said: “This first week of the Esports Summer Camp has been fantastic, this is what’s missing in the esports industry and this is where it all starts. The kids have all turned up thirty minutes early every day!

When we asked him how we think esport summer camps will help enable young people and more specifically young girls, to get into esports James told us: “I asked my little girl on the way home if boys and girls should play in the same team or in separate teams and she asked me why wouldn’t they play in the same team. So for me it will hopefully ‘normalise’ both boys and girls competing and enjoying esports together.”

The first week of the summer camp has been so successful that Esports Scotland will be adding a second week.

Image: A young girl using a VR Headset to play a game.

You can learn more about Esports Scotland here as well as keep up with them via their Twitter

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