What are the players most looking forward to at CEC 2022?

What are the players most looking forward to at CEC 2022?

5 min read | 3 Aug 2022

Women in Esports recently spoke to a female player from each of the Home Nations to hear their thoughts on the upcoming Commonwealth Esports Championships, and what they’re most looking forward to.

“I’m excited for the experience. I’ve been playing Dota 2 for a long time and I’ve never taken it seriously. I’ve made wonderful friends through it and it’s been more of a social thing for me. I just love the game, love the competitive scene although I’m not particularly competitive myself. So I’m really looking forward to taking it seriously for a change.

“Going up against people who I know are amazing at the game and just learning some stuff from them too.”

Louise ‘Mrs Nesbitt’ Davies – Esports Wales Dota Women’s

“Honestly, I just want to raise the scene in the UK. You look at esports around the world and the UK doesn’t have anything near as big as anywhere else and it’s about time we start taking it seriously. It’s a massive growth in the industry – it’s insane, there’s more people who follow esports than they do the premier league and that’s the biggest thing that the UK has in terms of sports and a following for sport. 

“Really just looking forward to doing my part and help shine a good light on that – and obviously the chance of bringing home a wee medal is never a bad thing, is it?”

Emma ‘Emzii’ Rose – Esports Northern Ireland eFootball Women’s

“The most exciting thing that I’m looking forward to when it comes to the Commonwealth is just participating in it. I think it’s sick I didn’t realise it was a thing, it’s the first time they’re doing it when it comes to esports. Just being able to go down there, (and) experience it. I don’t play Rocket League professionally as much, although I do compete in tournaments, so Commonwealth will be the biggest one for me.”

“I’m really looking forward to it, I know a bunch of my friends are going there and competing as well which will be really good. I just think it will be a new experience, a new element, to my path as an ‘online haver’.”

Jo ‘Jorhyds’ Drummond – Esports Scotland Rocket League Women’s

“I’m most looking forward to the Commonwealth to meeting my team because I’ve only met two of them before, so it will be nice to meet everyone and get used to playing with each other in person. I’m super excited to meet all of the other countries, I think it’s so great that we have such a great opportunity to meet so many people from the Commonwealth.

“And I’m just really excited to win, because you know we’re going for that medal.”

Belle ‘BelleMiku’ Howard – Esports England Dota Women’s

You can check out the full video with the players below!

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