Street Fighter player profile: Ryan Hart

Street Fighter player profile: Ryan Hart

Dominic Sacco
3 min read | 11 Jan 2018

Ryan Hart is the number one ranked UK player in the fighting game genre and has won over 450 tournaments to date. We ask him what’s required in his role, how he got into gaming and what advice he’d give to aspiring pro gamers…

Please tell us what your role consists of and what kind of skillset is required for your job…

You need the unique skillset of creativity, passion, dedication, mental strength, fast hand eye coordination, quick reactions and all the other obvious things that any activity that uses your brain in that way requires.

On top of that, in most cases you need some marketable attributes that can make you appealing for a sponsor to acquire.

Please tell us about your background in esports and how you got into gaming.

I got into tournaments when they first began mid ’94 and things started there. I’d say things really picked up when I won the UK National tournament in 1996. This led to me winning my first world title in Tokyo, Japan in 1998.

What advice would you give to aspiring pro players? Perhaps provide your top 3 tips…

  1. Play what you enjoy and enjoy what you’re playing
  2. Always keep creating
  3. Never give up

Ryan Hart has competed in hundreds of tournaments throughout his career

How can people get into this kind of role?

Keep pushing your tournament results. As long as you’re winning, you’ll be noticed. If not, then you’ll have something else that may have value for sponsors.

What are the hours like in your role and what’s the typical wage? Is there a ballpark or average figure you can give us?

The hours are long and strong, haha. Can be anything from two to eight hours per day depending on what you are training.

Regarding typical wages, I don’t believe this exists for the fighting game community (FGC) yet as it’s still quite underdeveloped in this area.

What are the perks and challenges of your job?

It’s fun as you are required to use your intellect, creativity, speed and coordination simultaneously to fight with. It’s challenging as you are battling against another person’s brain. The speed at which this psychological battle takes place is extremely demanding, which makes the adrenaline rush even more potent.

Ryan Hart: 9 key stats and facts

  • Guinness World Record awarded February 2016
  • Current four-time Guinness World Record holder
  • Most successful UK esports player
  • Only ever UK four-time fighting world champion
  • Only ever UK Evolution two-time world champion
  • Most travelled esports player
  • Number one ranked UK player in fighting game genre
  • Most consistent UK player at high level this year
  • Over 450 tournaments won in six continents and over 25 countries

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