British Esports Championships 2020 Grand Finals Recap: Winners, Highlights, Reaction & More

British Esports Championships 2020 Grand Finals Recap: Winners, Highlights, Reaction & More

Dominic Sacco
9 min read | 30 Apr 2020

The British Esports Championships for schools and colleges culminated in an exciting climactic grand finals last weekend.

Here’s a look back on the Overwatch, League of Legends and Rocket League finals, with match reports, video highlights, quotes and more!


Overwatch: Seers soar to victory with a clean sweep

Seers 3-0 Farnborough Peregrines

Seers: Alecks, Itsbrenn, CoachFeb, Qwantex, Jark, Balorr
Peregrines: Senseishark, Cardinal, Gjallarhorn, Scribble, Kronos, Invidia

For the first round of control on Lijang Tower, Seers showed dominance in gaining the point with Qwantex leading on his Reindhardt and Jark keeping the team alive with Lucio.

In the second round, Peregrines bounced back strong and took early control of the point. With Peregrines at 99% control on the point, Seers managed to find the answer to break through their defense with a destructive Dragon Blade from Itsbrenn’s Genji and a well-timed Sound Barrier from Jark. With the map going into overtime at 99%-99% for both teams, Itsbrenn and Qwantex controlled the fight and gave Seers their first map win.

Map 2 on Hybrid – King’s Row saw Seers do another great job of breaking Peregrine’s formation with Balorr keeping the team alive, whilst Qwantex delivered a great Earthshatter to win the first teamfight and capture the point. Seers ended with 2:38 on the clock.

Switching sides, the Peregrines eventually forced Seers back with some big plays from Scribble’s Zarya and Invidia’s Lucio allowing them to capture the point, but Seers were too strong in their defence with some fantastic ultimates from Sigma and Qwantex to which Peregrines had no answer.

On Map 3: Escore – Junkertown, Seers were too strong with the nanoboosted Reinhardt and pushed the payload to the end with 3:29 to spare. Despite a truly valiant effort by the Peregrines, Seers’ defensive strategy shone through, they survived Peregrine’s damage in the final fight to ensure their victory. It’s fair to say the 3-0 scoreline was a little harsh on Peregrines, who fought well and made Seers work hard to earn their win.

Watch the full VoD here


League of Legends: BTC caught between a Rock and a hard place

Hills Road Cretn 2-0 Team BTC

Cretn: Lotta Thotta (support), 4th Rock (ADC), Killerkam76 (mid), HoggDog (jungle), 1st Rock (top, MVP)
BTC: Krutmak (support), Amvoz (ADC), AndyBboy (mid), Qantum 7 (jungle), CrouchingJaeger (top, game 1), c4m3r0nu (top, game 2)

1st game, 1st blood, 1st Rock. Hills Road, starting on red side, had a very strong start in the top-lane, with 1st Rock picking up first blood and an early gold lead as Cho’Gath. It’s fair to say he was the MVP of this game, causing havoc for BTC throughout the game, with teleport plays in the bot lane and just generally being a menace.

BTC fought well however, with the bot-lane pairing of Amvoz (Vayne) and Krutmak (Leona) playing solidly together. An intense skirmish at the baron 25 minutes in also saw BTC win a nice teamfight and pick up shutdown gold on 1st Rock, levelling up the gold difference to a deficit of just 2k.

Hills Road stormed the mid-lane at the half-hour mark though, buoyed by three dragons and, after taking the baron, it was too much for BTC to defend.

In game 2, with BTC now on the red side, Hills Road had a great first start, picking up three early kills in the bot lane after a TP play by 1st Rock (Malphite) synergising well with jungler HoggDog (Zac) and bot laners 4th Rock (Sivir) and Lotta Thotta (Leona).

Hills Road really focused BTC’s jungler Qantum 7 (Vi) well in this game, not allowing her to gank effectively or get snowballing. However, many fights were very close, with the gold amounts even at 20 minutes.

BTC top-laner c4m3r0nu was at times unkillable in this game as Maokai, but Hills Road’s team comp and teamplay was too much for BTC, building up a 8k gold lead at the half-hour mark and after a big team fight, Hills Road took the game – and the series.

Watch the full VoD here


Rocket League: End-to-end climactic and tense final sees Seers pull through

Sunderland Seers 4-2 Glasgow Clyde Hotshots

Seers: Dewart, Bendog, Vinny (MVP)
Clyde Hotshots: CollossalSlayr, TheZappa6995, QKamil

Having never played against each other before, both teams entered the finals feeling confident. Glasgow Clyde Hotshots won the Winter 2019 Season, scored 10x more goals than conceded and showed off Scotland flags on their in-game cars in the final.

Sunderland Seers, meanwhile, recently took on three NSE university teams and dominated them in a series of show matches.

This excitement reflected in the interest on-stream. Around 1,800 viewers tuned in at one point to watch, with pro UK Rocket League player Dan ‘Bluey’ Bluett showing his support in the Twitch chat.

It was Hotshots that took game one 4-1, with Qkamil setting the scene and scoring in the first 30 seconds with a huge aerial redirect. However, Seers evened things up with a 1-0 win for game 2, with Bendog scoring and the team defending well, before going on to narrowly win game 3 with a 2-1 scoreline. Dewart made big defensive efforts for the Seers, and Vinny managed to score again on the counter attack.

It wasn’t over yet. Hotshots responded emphatically with a 4-0 victory in game 4, with a nice shot from TheZappa6995 and Qkamil following with another.

Seers took control in the next game though, going 5-0 in game 5, with Dewart scoring an amazing aerial from a wall pass from Vinny, followed by a beautiful dribble and flick to make it 2-0. Then in the 6th and final game, Seers won it 2-1, with Dewart tucking away the winning goal.

For another recap of the Rocket League finals, please check out this article on RocketKingdom.TV!

Watch the full VoD here


Thank you!

Finally, British Esports wants to say a huge thank you to all involved in the Championships and the grand finals, including the NUEL on production duties, our partners AoC Sport and Twitch Student, our casters, hosts, volunteers, mods, video editors and mods.

It wouldn’t be what it is without you, you really help make this a great initiative and we value you all massively (click to enlarge image below):


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Isaac, Seers manager
“I was really hoping the team would win and I’m really proud of everything they’ve achieved. I’m ecstatic they’ve won. It’s been really positive taking part in the British Esports Championships. I want esports to become what sports is in college, so parents are equally proud of their children taking part in their school’s League of Legends team as they would be their children’s football team for example.”
Dave Wright, Hills Road sixth form teacher
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Kirstie, Seers student leader

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