5 highlights from our Vainglory Twitter Takeover

5 highlights from our Vainglory Twitter Takeover

Dominic Sacco
5 min read | 31 Jan 2018

With Vainglory’s new 5v5 mode around the corner, we brought together our game adviser Josh “Citrus Empire” Leighton-Laing, advisory board member and caster Ceirnan “Excoundrel” Lowe, and Andrew Ward, the father of British player MrKcool, for a special Twitter Takeover on Monday.

Here are some of the highlights from the takeover.

British Esports Association


Our is underway! Our game adviser @Citrus_Empire, advisory board member and caster @excoundrel, and @WardAndrewGM, the father of British player @MrKcoolVg are here to answer your questions

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1. British players, female players & VG roadshow

Phoenox_2yk sent in this question for the panel:

2. Should Vainglory Worlds come back to the UK this year?

EvT_Imperium asked the panel:

3. What’s it like being a parent of a pro gamer?

Josh and Ceirnan asked Andrew about his son and some of the challenges of being a pro gamer’s parent:

We’ll have more information and views from Andrew Ward in a separate article in the future. This will look at what it’s like being a parent of a pro gamer, and advice for other parents in a similar situation, including what they can do to help support their child with an interest in esports, and what the challenges and opportunities might be.

4. Matchmaking and AFK punishments

Andrew Ward asked Excoundrel:

5. Growing Vainglory in the UK

Josh asked Excoundrel what could be done to grow competitive Vainglory in the UK in particular:

These were just five highlights from the full Twitter Takeover, which can be viewed on the British Esports Association Twitter page and the hashtag #VGBritishEsports

Follow JoshExcoundrel and Andrew on Twitter here



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