British Esports Championships Rocket League AP Schools winner announced

British Esports Championships Rocket League AP Schools winner announced

Dominic Sacco
2 min read | 2 Apr 2019

The British Esports Championships for Alternative Provision (AP) Schools has concluded, in partnership with Fierce PC and PC Specialist, and the champions have been revealed.

Congratulations to The Green Room in Windsor for winning the Rocket League tournament!

Team captain Connor said: “Esports has been a really brilliant experience for our school. It gave us a taste of competition against other schools and helped us socialise with students we wouldn’t normally.

“We are all very proud to have won the competition and cannot wait until next season!”

The Green Room also commented on Twitter:

The British Esports AP Schools tournament was announced earlier this year and saw eight different institutions take part.

You can see the final standings here from our Championships website:

A huge thank you to epic.LAN for running the tournament, to Fierce PC and PC Specialist for providing systems to participating schools, and to all the schools and students for taking part.

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