First British Esports Championships Spring 2020 finalists confirmed!

First British Esports Championships Spring 2020 finalists confirmed!

Dominic Sacco
4 min read | 24 Mar 2020

UPDATE: The finals have now been played. We’ll be back with a winners post soon!

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We are just days away from finding out who will win the Spring 2020 British Esports Championships and claim a place in the grand finals, where they will face the winners of the Winter 2019 season.

In this article, our school and college liaison officer Elliot Bond looks back on last week’s British Esports Championships semi final matches from March 16th to 20th and lists the first Spring 2020 final match-ups taking place this week!


League of Legends

For the semi-finals, Lincoln College’s ‘Art of the Int’ (who beat last 2019 finalists ‘AGSB Esports’) sadly couldn’t keep their win streak going and ended up losing in the semis to ‘Alsager School 1’.

It was a tense game where ‘Art of the Int’ looked really strong in the early game, but Yasuo mid and excellent counter ganks from Zac in the jungle proved too much for them.

In the other semi, CONEL ‘Try Hards’ took on Hills Road 6th form’s team ‘BDC’ and the latter won the epic battle, meaning that Hills Road will be progressing into a very competitive final.

Our Spring 2020 LoL final will be: Team BDC vs Alsager School 1


Rocket League

The score lines don’t show it, but both semi finals were extremely close – with ‘The Ferrers Esports’ facing ‘DON’T PANIC’ and Sunderland ‘Seers’ facing ‘AGSB Esports’.

Ferrers and DON’T PANiC! had a really competitive game, with both sides doing their best. Even with some technical difficulties, DON’T PANiC! managed to take a 3-0 lead in matches. Ferrers Esports played a really strong game 4, and pulled one back, looking like they had the mentality to pull off the reverse sweep. DON’T PANiC! had other ideas though, and played the best game of the series in game 5 to close it out 4-1 in matches.

Sunderland Seers – last year’s finalists – took on AGSB Esports in a tense match. Both teams showed really great mechanics and spirit, however Sunderland were able to take every game with a bit tighter gameplay and stronger coordination, winning 4-0.

Our Spring 2020 Rocket League final will be: DON’T PANiC! Vs Sunderland Seers.



It was an interesting set of quarter finals to say the least, with all teams taking 3-0 victories in map score.

Both undefeated sides in ANY MAP of the group stages, Coventry ‘Crosshairs’ faced Gower College ‘Owls’ and took the match in a commanding fashion with a 3-0 victory. It was really unfortunate for Gower College, but Coventry came out too strong early on, and set the scene for the rest of the game.

Also undefeated, the Insomnia64 champions Sunderland Seers took on Nescot Nemesis. Towards the end of the group stages, Nescot had some teething issues with roster changes, and were unable to find the magic and lost in a 3-0 sweep, to a once again very strong Seers team. Both Coventry and Seers are undefeated thus far – this should make to be a fantastic semi-final between these two dominating teams.

On the other side of the bracket, last year’s finalists Farnborough 6th form college took on Arthur Terry School and defeated them with a clean 3-0 map score.

It was a really unfortunate scenario in the final game, which ended up being two teams from the same college: Wyke College vs Wyke College! Funnily enough, Wyke college won, and lost.

It was a great performance from both teams to make it as far as the elimination stage, however only one side can progress further in this elimination stage. Wyke College will take on last year’s finalists Farnborough 6th Form in the other semi final this week.

Be sure to check back on the British Esports Championships page and newsletter for the latest updates as the season reaches its conclusion

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