British Esports Association partners with award-winning global sponsorship marketplace

British Esports Association partners with award-winning global sponsorship marketplace

Dominic Sacco
3 min read | 8 Sep 2020

The British Esports Association has partnered with award-winning global sponsorship marketplace Connexi, which creates data-driven, commercially relevant partnerships between brands, rights holders and agencies.

The new partnership will help to educate non-endemic brands around the vast opportunities for partnerships and activations within the UK esports scene. 

Connexi’s platform allows partners and rights holders to place their rights on a secure portal, where commercially relevant brands can view and develop their relationships further through a range of data points.

British Esports, the not-for-profit organisation set up to promote and support grassroots esports, hopes to help the industry with this deal. Alongside advising brands, British Esports and Connexi want to help esports organisations better understand how traditional brands operate, and provide them with the best resources to create successful strategies that lead to long-lasting brand partnerships.

Chester King, British Esports CEO, commented: “The UK esports scene is an exciting place to be right now. We do however recognise that we still need to catch up with other regions when it comes to brand engagement. This new partnership will help organisations from grassroots to household names gain new brand partnerships.”

Rory Stewart-Richardson, founder and CEO at Connexi, added: “Connexi welcomes the opportunity to support both sides of the handshake. We believe the partnership with British Esports enables us to bridge the fundamental challenge of all parties being able to explain their opportunities, expectancy and ROI. 

“We have seen phenomenal growth in this area and are fully engaged in this exciting challenge of ensuring brands are talking to the most commercially relevant esports assets.”


About the British Esports Association

The British Esports Association is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2016 to support and promote esports in the UK. 

As a national body, its aims are to foster future British talent, increase the awareness of esports and provide expertise and advice. It’s focused on the grassroots level of esports and is not a governing body.

The Association helps educate the masses – including parents, teachers, media and government – around what esports is and what its benefits are. Its three goals are to Promote, Improve and Inspire. 


About Connexi

Connexi is a leading global data driven sponsorship marketplace that puts commercial relevancy at the heart of every decision. 

By using a range of data points including, first party data, real-time social data and consumer profiling data, Connexi ensures brands are talking to their customers through assets their customers support and engage with. 

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