Download our esports info packs: What is esports, who are we & where to next?

Download our esports info packs: What is esports, who are we & where to next?

Dominic Sacco
2 min read | 2 Nov 2017
The world of esports is an exciting, growing space, but to those unfamiliar with competitive gaming, it can be confusing or difficult to understand.To help educate the likes of parents, teachers, students, media, government and more, we’ve produced our first few free-to-download PDF info packs all about esports.The first info pack explores what esports actually is, including how it works, the size of the industry, its benefits, notable teams, key companies, careers and more.

The second info pack is all about the British Esports Association and aims to give the reader more information around what we do and why we exist.

It covers our key aims, lists who’s on our advisory board and looks at some of the initiatives we have planned in the future.

Andy Payne OBE, British Esports Association Chair, commented: “Welcome to the British Esports Association’s first info packs.

“We are passionate about esports and have a gathered a dedicated group that want to help the UK become a leading force. There are a number of reasons why the UK is behind other regions, but with a greater understanding and support we can improve quickly.

“Our view is that esports is not a rival to traditional sport, but a great activity as part of a balanced lifestyle. It has many positives, including cognitive benefits, it promotes teamwork and communication, develops communities and provides jobs. Playing esports is also a beneficial alternative to watching passive media like TV.

“We are working with academic institutions in the UK, as well as games industry body Ukie and more, and will be publishing evidence over the coming months that will help give parents and others an informed view.”

Download our free info packs here

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