Gfinity Challenger Series aims to help amateur esports players go pro

Gfinity Challenger Series aims to help amateur esports players go pro

Dominic Sacco
2 min read | 6 Mar 2017

UK-based esports tournament provider Gfinity has today revealed details of a new initiative that looks to inform top teams of up and coming talent.

“The Gfinity Challenger Series is an open competitive gaming series, in which gamers of all levels and aspirations can participate. Build your profile, climb the ranks and, if you’re good enough, you can make your way into the Gfinity Elite Series,” Gfinity said on its website.

“Whether you’re playing for fun against other gamers or starting your journey towards a career in eSports, it’s simple. The more you win, the more G-Points you earn, the higher you climb the rankings. This is an opportunity for Elite Series Pro Teams to identify upcoming talent.

“The Gfinity Challenger Series is your path to becoming an eSports pro gamer.”

The first games in the Challenger Series are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and Street Fighter V.

Players can sign up here.

Prior to each Elite Series, the top-ranked competitors from the Challenger Series will qualify for the Gfinity Elite Draft. Here, professional teams will draft the best players to join them as pro gamers in the Gfinity Elite Series, which will be held in London’s Gfinity Arena.

The top players selected in the Elite Draft for each game will join eight established pro teams to take part in the new Elite Series.

The Challenger Series starts on March 27th



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