Last chance to sign up to London workshop ‘Understanding Esports in the UK’

Last chance to sign up to London workshop ‘Understanding Esports in the UK’

Dominic Sacco
3 min read | 5 Jun 2017

This week, a workshop and conference on UK esports will take place in London for gamers, esports players, industry members, policy makers and researchers.

The seminar will take place on Thursday June 8th at the Urban Coterie near Old Street tube station. It’s being organised by the Alliance Manchester Business School from the University of Manchester.

The ‘Understanding Esports in the UK’ workshop is designed to stimulate discussion into the economic and social potential of esports and livestreaming in the UK.

It will feature breakout and discussion groups, as well as talks from:

  • Excel Esports’ Kieran Holmes-Darby on the lifecycle of a UK esports organisation
  • Dr Jessica Symons and Dr Anita Greenhill from the University of Manchester
  • Dominic Sacco from the British Esports Association
  • Jedrzej Czarnota from Trilateral Research on privacy, ethics and data protection of UK esports

“While other countries have thriving esports and streaming communities that produce substantial and growing economic and social benefits, the UK has only begun to build a significant capacity in the past few years,” the event organisers said in a statement.

“At this exciting moment there is the potential to launch fruitful and long-term collaborative targets and research to understand the potential of this burgeoning industry, and to produce scholarly and policy outputs exploring this emerging field and the benefits it can bring the UK.

“The event will aim to explore the future challenges of the creative industries, computing, skills development and education in the digital economy.”

The hashtag on the day is #esportinUK

Here’s the schedule for the event:

The workshops will allow people to discuss opportunities and challenges in greater detail.

Attendees will break into four groups to discuss the topics listed above.

There are limited spaces available and registration is required by June 6th.

To register for the event or for further information, please email Anita on with your name, organisation, any special dietary requirements and contact information. 

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