Luke “Mal3ficarum” Bull becomes latest British Esports game advisor

Luke “Mal3ficarum” Bull becomes latest British Esports game advisor

Dominic Sacco
2 min read | 2 Jul 2018

Luke “Mal3ficarum” Bull has joined the British Esports Association as game adviser for mobile MOBA game Arena of Valor.

He is a lifelong gamer and has been involved in several competing teams in different MOBAs.

Luke has been a streamer and shoutcaster for three years now and currently sits in the top 1% of European players in Arena of Valor at the moment. Outside of gaming he is a qualified personal trainer and has been involved in the fitness industry for seven years.

He said: “The British Esports Association and website look great and I’m thrilled to be involved. I’m excited about joining and appreciative of being asked.”

Arena of Valor is a 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game from Tencent Games originally launched back in 2015 in China and in 2017 in Europe and the US. It’s available on iOS and Android and is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

The title has a growing competitive scene including a World Cup tournament with over $500,000 in prizes.

As a game adviser for British Esports, Luke takes on an advisory role to help the Association better understand the goings on in Arena of Valor’s communities and to see what challenges it faces. He’s free to reach out to British Esports to report on any areas of development or points of interest around the game.

Luke joins other British Esports game advisers including Ash Cosplay (Gwent), Nick Egan (F1), Tobin “Racerz” Leigh (Forza), Liam “Doopz” Whitehead (Dota 2) and many more.



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