New team for British Vainglory starlet MrKcool

New team for British Vainglory starlet MrKcool

Dominic Sacco
2 min read | 15 Jun 2017

14-year-old British Vainglory player Benedict “MrKcool” Ward has joined Team Queso.

The youngster has made a big impact in competitive Vainglory over the past year or so, having played in the Vainglory Winter Championship last year with Rebirth of an Empire, as well as with Mousesports and Lemon & Lime.

With Lemon & Lime he won the Split 1 Challenger Series and was promoted to the Vainglory8.

Team Queso said in a statement: “MrKcool arrives to our team aiming to repeat such a feat and to help Team Queso achieve our longed-for place among the eight best European teams in the next Challenger Battles.”

“MrKcool has been a well-known player in our country ever since he stepped for the first time on the competitive scene in Umbra alongside with PRZ. Said team dominated the Spanish competitive scene and faced on equal footing the best of the best in the international competitive scene. We hope that in Team Queso he will be able to unleash his full potential thus returning to the European Vainglory’s elite.”

Vainglory developer Super Evil Megacorp states that the Vainglory age restriction is eight years old. Young players must be granted permission from their parents or guardians to take part in live LAN tournaments.

MrKcool previously told British Esports’ Dominic Sacco: “In terms of the game, age doesn’t matter – it’s just how well you play.”

Benedict and his father Andrew Ward are also Vainglory game advisers for the British Esports Association.



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