British Esports Championships Season 2 winners and Insomnia grand finalists confirmed

British Esports Championships Season 2 winners and Insomnia grand finalists confirmed

Dominic Sacco
4 min read | 28 Mar 2019

The final matches have been played, the teams have put in some brilliant performances and Season 2 of the British Esports Championships has now concluded.

Congratulations to all of the winners and a big thanks to everyone for taking part, it’s been another great season in schools and colleges across the UK!

Here’s the full list of Season 2 winners:

  • League of Legends schools: AGSB Esports (Altrincham Grammar School for Boys)
  • League of Legends colleges: Farnborough Falcons (Farnborough Sixth Form College)
  • Overwatch schools: Scorpions (King Edward’s School)
  • Overwatch colleges: Seers (Sunderland College), however Farnborough Falcons (Farnborough Sixth Form College) qualify for the grand finals as Seers also won Season 1
  • Rocket League schools: EP Esports (Easthampstead Park School)
  • Rocket League colleges: Seers (Sunderland College)


The grand finals approach at Insomnia64

The Season 2 winners now qualify for the live grand finals on Friday April 19th and Saturday 20th, where they will play the winners of Season 1 of the British Esports Championships.

The grand finals will take place at the Insomnia64 gaming festival at the Birmingham NEC, giving players the chance to play against one another in person.

Here are the final match-ups, timings and locations:

  • League of Legends schools: Beyond Reality vs AGSB Esports (April 20th, 10.30am, Esports Stage)
  • League of Legends colleges: Seers vs Farnborough Falcons (April 19th, 10am, Esports Stage)
  • Overwatch schools: The Brights vs Scorpions (April 20th, 2.30pm, Tournament Zone, BYOC Hall)
  • Overwatch colleges: Seers vs Farnborough Falcons (April 19th, 1.30pm, Esports Stage)
  • Rocket League schools: Fortes Esports vs EP Esports (April 19th, 4pm, Tournament Zone, BYOC Hall)
  • Rocket League colleges: SRCulater vs Seers (April 19th, 4pm, Tournament Zone, BYOC Hall)

For each final, there will be a referee standing behind both teams to ensure rules are adhered to and everyone behaves in a sportsmanlike manner.

Further details have been sent to the qualified teams.

Our separate Rocket League Championships for Alternative Provision Schools, supported by PC Specialist and Fierce PC, is expected to be fully completed over the next week or so, and we will announce the winning team in due course. As there has only been one season of this so far, there will not be live grand finals for this particular tournament.


How to watch the finals

All the League of Legends finals will be streamed to and casted by Chronicler and GreyHart.

The Overwatch colleges grand final matches will also be streamed to and casted by BiggHungryPhill and vowels.

The Rocket League matches and Overwatch schools matches will not be streamed unfortunately as they are taking place in the BYOC hall.

A huge thank you to GAME/Insomnia and the casters for lending their support!


What will the teams win?

Winning players will lift a trophy and receive a certificate, with the League of Legends winners also receiving RP prizing/Triumphant Ryze skins.

Season winners have also won British Esports winner jerseys.

Other prizing is TBC. Watch this space.

Best of luck to all our finalists and we look forward to seeing you at Insomnia.

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