What is the British Esports Association working on at the moment?

What is the British Esports Association working on at the moment?

Dominic Sacco
3 min read | 8 Feb 2017

Following our initial advisory board meeting in January, we have been hard at work developing our plans and initiatives.

Here’s a quick update rounding up some of the points made in our first advisory board meeting, and what we’ve been working on this year so far.

Advisory board meeting – key points and ideas

  • To better explain our definition of esports and vision (see revised text on our homepage)
  • Content ideas include whitepapers, an FAQ, glossary, advice for players on how to go pro, business management and investment tips for organisation/team owners (or some kind of start-up kit)
  • To research what kind of funding is required for esports within the UK
  • To focus on aiding and working with amateur UK esports organisations as well as schools, players, tournament organisers, youth centres and perhaps libraries
  • To explore fundraising ideas
  • To come up with some ideas for courses and qualifications
  • Establishing a media campaign to change the perception of esports for the better
  • Exploring the idea of esports clubs for children

What we’ve been working on

Here’s a quick update on what we’re focusing on right now and what we’ve been doing so far this year:

  • Working with the wider media to better educate them on esports
  • Held a follow up meeting with the Department for Media, Culture and Sport to discuss the esports ecosystem and what UK needs to reach the next level
  • Visiting sites for potential esports clubs for children
  • Membership – exploring ideas around British Esports membership and member benefits
  • Content plans such as articles, video and infographics to educate and illustrate the positives of esports
  • Chester King and Dominic Sacco sat on BAFTA’s judging panel for the 2017 esports audience award earlier this week. The shortlist is being announced on February 20th and the event itself takes place on April 6th
  • Hiring a new full time member of staff, who will soon be joining us
  • Updating the website to make it cleaner, tidier and easier to read and navigate
  • Expanding the British Esports advisory board – Sophie Goldschmidt has joined, a seasoned sports executive with experience in esports

Get involved

What would you like to see the British Esports Association work on? Email us at info@britishesports.org



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