British Esports Championships content creation guide for participants

British Esports Championships content creation guide for participants

Dominic Sacco
11 min read | 4 Nov 2019

Are you taking part in the British Esports Championships and have an interesting story to tell?

Maybe you want to let everyone know about an epic play you made. Perhaps you’re not a player but still want to get involved somehow, or give your school or college’s esports operations some positive PR/coverage. 

Read on to find out how you can make a name for yourself and get your story out to thousands of British Esports Association’s followers, esports industry insiders and more.

The best pieces of content will be shared via our following platforms: 

Of course, you’re very welcome to share content on your own channels, we are happy to retweet and share where possible.

Types of content

There are many types of content you can produce. Below are some suggestions (read on for separate advice on each section): 

  1. Top plays
  2. Interviews/profile pieces
  3. Match reports/blog posts
  4. Sharing pictures 
  5. Streaming/video/VoDs

1. Top plays: How to get featured in the British Esports Championships Play of the Week!

For the current season of the British Esports Championships for schools and colleges, we are introducing the top plays of the week.

This is where we take your best in-game moments as a team or an individual and post across our YouTube and social media channels. For example:

Read our How to get featured in British Esports “Plays of the Week” article here. 

Share your own clips

We want everyone to have fun in the Championships, whether you make a Play of the Week or not. Why not share your own clips on socials? Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BritishEsportsChamps 

2. Interviews/profile pieces

Interviews and team profiles can be a great way of illustrating your team’s personality and celebrating the different characters that form it.

During the Championships season, text-based Q&A interviews tend to work best, and we usually conduct video interviews with the teams at the live finals each April. You could also conduct an interview with a teacher, or get your teacher to interview your team!


How to be interviewed

Feel free to answer the following and send your answers to along with any images you’d like to share – a team photo would be ideal.

There is no strict word limit, but aiming for more than 400 words and less than 1,000 can act as a rough guide.

  • Please tell us about your team name, why it’s called that and a bit about the logo (if you have one)
  • Which games do you participate in?
  • Who are the players in your team? (names would be great please, for each team, plus a bit about each person and their role in the team)
  • Tell us about your practicing methods
  • What’s the most memorable or funniest moment in the team so far
  • What’s the hardest part about working as a team?
  • What are your general thoughts on the British Esports Championships? Why are you taking part?
  • What have you learnt from the Championships so far?
  • What are your aims in the Championships this year? 
  • Have you enjoyed playing a specific team in particular? What do you make of the other teams so far?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add?
  • Please supply a team picture/room picture if possible

You can also share any third-party interview coverage you receive elsewhere using our #coverage channel on the British Esports Championships Discord server.

3. Match reports/blog posts

Writing an article can help keep those interested in your team updated with the latest developments.

Many in esports prefer to watch a VoD than read a match report, but written content can provide a good way of growing your website or blog or social page (e.g. via a Twitlonger post). 

Blog posts and opinion pieces provide more of a personal touch and allow readers to identify with or learn from you, or just enjoy a good read.

Maybe you’d like to write about how you formed your team, or a particular match that went well, or how parents and teachers have changed their views towards esports after seeing your school or college get involved. Maybe you could ask them to write something!

Some examples: 

Please email your reports and blog posts to along with a suitable image or two

4. Sharing pictures

This is a very quick and easy way of showing off your team, your esports area or facility or a victory image after a recent match. You might want to share an image of your teacher and the team, or friends and fans coming to watch you play.

Maybe your team or a player met someone in esports, got involved with some cosplay or attended a gaming event in the UK.

Please tag us in your photos using the #BritishEsportsChamps hashtag and our profiles below:

Before sending us or sharing images, please get permission from everyone on the team as well as your teacher. If you’re under 18 we’ll also need permission from your parent or guardian. Please ask them to fill in this photo permission form and send it back to us along with your photo(s).

We may use some images to promote our Championships in the future or share them with mainstream press (such as news websites or newspapers). We will always aim to check with you first. Please let us know if you do not want us to share any images when you send them in to us, as that will save time.

5. Streaming/video/VoDs

If you have other videos to share, outside of your top plays, please share on your socials and tag us in them using the #BritishEsportsChamps hashtag and our profiles below:

For streaming, contact Twitch Student for direct advice and check out this moderating guide for Twitch here.

You can also share any coverage you receive elsewhere using our #coverage channel on the British Esports Championships Discord server.

We’re happy to share streams on our socials and other channels.

Good luck and have fun!

If you have any questions, please ask us at

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