“If you don’t have social media and you’re an esports organisation, then you don’t really exist” – Interview with Excel’s Social Media Manager Nathan Edmonds

“If you don’t have social media and you’re an esports organisation, then you don’t really exist” – Interview with Excel’s Social Media Manager Nathan Edmonds

4 min read | 30 Mar 2021

Last Monday (22nd March), Elliot spoke to Nathan Edmonds from Excel over on our Twitch channel about working as their Social Media Manager, and what he has achieved so far within esports.

At just 21-years-old, Nathan has achieved so much within his esports career, and has dipped into various sectors within the industry.

One of the most prominent things that Nathan has achieved was the creation of Radiant Esports. Radiant was initially set up back in 2015 as just a small group, and managed to grow over the next four years. Nathan ended up dissolving Radiant to pursue other roles within esports.

He said: “I started as a 15-year-old, and continued until I ended it at age 19. We started off as just like a little sniping clan with friends, but it turned into one of the top leading amatuer organisations in the UK.”

Since making the decision to stop continuing with Radiant, Nathan has been able to develop a different career within esports.

For around a year now, Nathan has been the Social Media Manager at Excel Esports – and has taken key skills from his Radiant days and translated them into his new line of work.
The role of a Social Media Manager is ‘ever-evolving’, and can include various different tasks to do on a daily basis. Nathan briefly explained some of the responsibilities he has at Excel, which include: social coverage, social strategy, and partnerships. In the esports industry, social media plays a key role to gain an online presence, as well as keeping people up-to-date with important information. Without social media as a marketing tool, the esports industry would have as much of a presence as it holds now. Whether it’s networking or living in sponsored gaming houses, Nathan has several aspects of his job that are unique and exciting.

But, the one thing that stands out the most to him is being able to put a smile on peoples faces through his social media work.Within the social media realm, the ‘Wendy’s Method’ has become a popular way of brands putting out content.

The method revolves around roasting (making fun of) other people in a light-hearted way. This can work well on things like Twitter if the brand is right, but sometimes cannot work. 
Aside from all the fun to have in being involved in social media, some seriousness comes into it.

Making sure you treat people fairly, and helping people move up the esports ladder are just some of the key things that amateur esports organisations need to remember.For those who potentially want to get a job in social media within esports, Nathan’s top tips are:

1. Find out what you are interested in – Don’t jump in without knowing if you will like it.
2. Have a good basic understanding of programmes – Premiere Pro, Photoshop, etc.
3. Understand the social media realm as much as you can – DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Check out the full interview with Nathan on our YouTube channel, and make sure to follow @Radiant_Novaa on twitter!

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