All Star Showdown: Teams and brackets confirmed for student Rocket League tournament

All Star Showdown: Teams and brackets confirmed for student Rocket League tournament

Dominic Sacco
5 min read | 19 May 2020

Which eight student teams will be facing off in this event from May 25th-29th? British Esports schools and colleges liaison officer Elliot Bond runs through the main event

Following a super sunday qualifier round, the draw has been announced… the players are keen… and the crowd is excited.

The British Esports Association brings you its inaugural All Star Showdown tournament, featuring some of the best Rocket League teams the school and college British Esports Championships have produced. It features the champions of previous seasons in showmatches versus the current champions and runner-ups, with students getting involved to help run the event.

The fiercely competitive double elimination bracket will take place during half term (May 25th-29th 2020), and will demonstrate the skill and determination of the top 8 performing teams, which will duel to determine who’s the best of the best. Many of these teams have been scrimming against each other over the last few weeks to get some last minute practice in, and now it’s time to show the results!


Team line-ups

  • Seers (Sunderland College) vs Crosskeys Kings (Coleg Gwent)
  • Clyde Hotshots (Glasgow Clyde College) vs DON’T PANiC! (Northgate High School)
  • SRCulater (Southern Regional College) vs Matador Gaming (Marling School)
  • Fortes Esports (Carmel College) vs The Ferrers Esports (The Ferrers School)


Having just progressed through qualifiers, the four remaining tournament places have been awarded to DON’T PANiC!, The Ferrers Esports, Crosskey Kings and Matador Gaming. We are looking forward to seeing some rivalries come to a head between Seers and dP!, who are looking for a rematch of the spring split finals, and Seers vs SRCulater who are the only team to have beaten Seers! This will be an interesting one for sure.

Seers also managed to beat Hotshots in a close online grand final at the end of April, so they will be looking for revenge. It seems that Sunderland Seers are the team to beat!

For more information on these teams and their journeys, check out this article on RocketKingdomTV.

We also have a separate recap post plus VoDs looking back on the qualifiers here


Match schedule 

See the bracket for the main event here:


Player rosters

Clyde Hotshots – Glasgow Clyde College: QKamil, TheZappa6995, Colossal

Crosskeys Kings – Coleg Gwent: Tails, Erratiiik, Chyrligwgan

DON’T PANiC! – Northgate High School: sushi, Tommyd27, AwesomeS64

The Ferrers Esports – The Ferrers School: Star, hazza, OdelllTSU

Fortes Esports – Carmel College: MaGiK, Spruce, jam

Matador Gaming – Marling School: Evil Ed, Imagecreatorx, Kota

SRCulater – Southern Regional College: Rated, DHMK, Klamarik243

Sunderland Seers – Sunderland College: Dewart, Vinny, Ben Dog


Hosting and casting talent

Our casting and analyst desk includes a fantastic line-up of prominent figures in the Rocket League scene, including: 

  • Gregan
  • Craftman
  • Kilsync
  • Achunl2
  • SirSquark
  • Special guest student casters! 


There’s more info on the All Star Showdown in our initial announcement post and a qualifier recap here



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