Game jargon – Dota 2

Game jargon – Dota 2

7 min read | 10 Aug 2022

Are you new to Dota and looking to learn more about the in-game terminology?

In this guide, we look at some of the most commonly used terms or phrases in Dota 2, and what they mean.


A colloquial way of saying that you have the focus of the enemy. It can also be used in relation to ‘Tower Aggro’ – which has its own mechanics to learn.


The structures that are in the bases of each side. Destroying the enemy ancient will win the team the game. 


Attacking enemy structures without the assistance of creeps. Can also be known as BD.


A building that upgrades the creeps of the team that destroys it – giving them more health and damage.


Spending gold to respawn instantly when you die. The cost of this goes up as the game goes on.


The player who is considered weak in the early game, and can win a team fight in late game.


A hero that has high-priority farming abilities.


All of the units that are not a hero. They can be owned by a team, or just be neutral creeps on the map.

Creep score

The number of last hits and denies that a specific hero has. 


Used to describe a faction in Dota – which is located on the top right-hand side of the map. 


Spells and bashes that make an enemy unable to fight.


Grouping up enemies to then execute an offensive ability.


Gold per minute.


The area between lanes.

Mind games

Psychological tricks that can be used to irritate the enemy, and benefit your team. 


A hero that is not present in their lane.


The lane where the Tower is closest to the Ancient, and farthest from the creeps. It is also referred to as the ‘suicide lane’. 


Out of mana.


Power Ups that spawn periodically in specific spots on the map. 


The opposite of offlane on the other side of the map. This lane is easier, and provides more opportunities for farming. 


Colloquial way of saying teleport scroll.


An item that can be placed on a certain area of the map to provide vision to that spot for a short duration of time.


The elimination of a full team.


XP per minute.

These are just a few of the things that you may encounter when playing a game of Dota, so let us know on the British Esports Twitter what things we may have missed!

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