Esports in Education Summit 2023 – What did the attendees think of the event?

Esports in Education Summit 2023 – What did the attendees think of the event?

8 min read | 10 Mar 2023

Last month, we held the fifth-annual Esports in Education Summit in Nottingham – bringing together educators from across the globe to connect and explore esports.

But, what did the attendees think of the event?

In this piece, we share some of the testimonials from guests and attendees at the Summit, and how the event has impacted their work in esports. 

To look back at the entire event, and hear some more testimonials from guests, check out the Esports in Education Summit 2023 playlist on our YouTube, or click the link below.

“It was fantastic to meet so many enthusiastic deliverers, teachers, and lecturers, as well as some other leading experts. The buzz and conversations we had were really exciting, and it appears that there is a real need for esports leadership.”

“This was my first time at the Esports in Education Summit and it’s been fantastic. Just the opportunity to spend time with like-minded individuals who are all trying to do the same thing, connect, discuss, talk about the challenges that we are having, and some of the fantastic successes as well.

“Being able to connect with people that I haven’t met, and find a little bit more about the industry and what’s out there, what we can do, and progression – it was a fantastic day!”

“It was a really good event. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how many people were there, and it’s been really good. There’s a lot of people asking questions, a lot of networking opportunities, and the panels have been really informative.” 

“The introduction was amazing, and then listening to the panels has been really insightful with what people have to say in regards to the Student Champs, with regards to the BTEC, and esports in education.

“Just good to be speaking to a lot of my colleagues that I know the names of but not the faces of, and just hearing about what other colleges are doing across the UK.”

“It’s an opportunity to have conversations with people who are on a similar journey to you,  you get opportunities to really sell and go through the excitement of what esports means to students, the importance of it as a subject within the industry, and it’s also just nice to be able to share everyone’s different journeys and starting points. So, for me, it’s always good to be here, and kind of share the journey.” 

“The Summit was really interesting. We don’t do too much in terms of education at the moment, but it’s something we want to do more of long-term working with the local community, and the schools and colleges around, as well as working with our foundation to deliver courses and develop an education perspective for esports in the near future.

“There were a few interesting topics, there were a few interesting people to talk to, and the safeguarding panel just before lunch was incredibly interesting to hear the perspective not just from education, but from a professional team developing safeguarding practices long-term. It was an interesting and insightful day!”

“It was very useful indeed. I took part in the panel talking about safeguarding in esports, and it was very well received. Some very useful conversations we had with Tom from British Esports, and we got some good questions, and good engagement with the audience.”

“It was really enjoyable. It was actually my first time ever coming to a physical Education Summit, so it’s been nice to come here, connect with old faces.”

“It was very interesting. This is not my first British Esports event so I’ve been around, and I do try and attend most of the events. This particular one is very inspirational. I’ve met Professor Phillip from the College of Esports, and I’ve met other people and we’ve been talking about esports education in Africa.”

“Once again, the Esports in Education Summit was absolutely fantastic. It’s been great to see it grow over the years since the first one five or six years ago. There’s fantastic networking opportunities, great panels, great speakers.”

“The Esports in Education Summit is a great opportunity for many aspiring learners and practitioners who wish to grow and develop within the esports industry. Barnsley College takes great pride inviting our students and staff members to this annual esports event to help to continue and develop our outstanding provision.”

“The Esports in Education Summit is for anyone who works in education interested in learning about how to embed esports. It’s also a great event for those already delivering esports looking to develop their provision further by meeting other staff across the UK and finding out how to enrich their student’s experience. In a highly competitive industry, this is truly valuable.”

“The Esports in Education Summit is the UK’s Premier Esports Education Conference. 2021/2022 was a sell out with attendees from over 20 different nations and hundreds of institutions. As a hybrid event, it is really accessible online for those that can’t make it in person, however I would always recommend attending in person if you can to take advantage of the excellent networking opportunities with thought leaders from the esports industry, to connect with other centres, to share best practice and to level up your esports programmes.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with everyone at British Esports and on esports in education for the last three years. The introduction of esports into my teaching practice has given me ways to engage even the hardest to reach learners. I would encourage anyone who wants to engage with their learners in a relevant, dynamic and creative way to attend the Esports in Education Summit.”

Want to learn more about esports in the education sector? Check out our Education Hub for information on skills, qualifications, and institutions that run esports courses across the country.

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