British Esports & NSPCC Setting a New Standard for Esports Safety

British Esports & NSPCC Setting a New Standard for Esports Safety

Mimi Craig
5 min read | 17 Jan 2024

British Esports has partnered with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) to host the inaugural NSPCC Safeguarding in Esports Conference. This groundbreaking event, set to take place on Friday, February 9th, at the Confetti X esports arena in Nottingham. The conference is a key component of the NSPCC’s Game Safe Festival, running from February 5th-11th.

NSPCC Game Safe Festival and Conference Overview

The NSPCC will be conducting the Game Safe Festival to create a safer online world for young people. British Esports has aligned with the NSPCC to facilitate the ‘Safeguarding in Esports Conference’, the conference aims to unite stakeholders from across the industry to discuss, learn and share best practices.

Significance of the Conference

This conference is hailed as the first of its kind globally, reflecting the growing need for standardised best practices in esports. The RLCS announcement in December, allowed players now aged 13+ to compete. The decision underscored the urgency for the development of agreed-upon best practices in esports. Furthermore, it emphasised the collective responsibility of the ecosystem for the long-term commitment to effective safeguarding practices.

NSPCC Conference Objectives

The conference aims to:

  • Raise awareness of safeguarding and online safety within the esports ecosystem.
  • Understand responsibilities linked to safeguarding and online safety for individuals and organisations.
  • Extract lessons from the structure, organisation and experience of traditional sports.
  • Lead the development of best practices in esports as an industry.

Inclusive Participation and Attendance Options

Open to all esports stakeholders, including teams, tournament organisers, educators, parents, influencers and more. The conference offers both in-person and online attendance options. With only limited spots available due to Confetti X’s capacity, participants are encouraged to register promptly.

Programme and Speakers

Sir Peter Wanless, CEO of the NSPCC, will present the keynote address, with additional sessions by the Child Protection in Sport Unit and industry experts. Topics include current esports practices, lessons from traditional sports and addressing industry-specific needs.

Networking Opportunities

The conference includes ample opportunities for networking and formal/informal meetings. The NSPCC is providing a meeting room for the UK Esports Team Coalition (UKETC) to use over the lunch break for face-to-face meetings.

9th of Feb Game Safe Festival Confetti X Nottingham Banner

Secure Your Spot Now

Limited tickets for the NSPCC Safeguarding in Esports Conference, click here and book your spot today! Be part of this historic event that signifies a major step toward creating a safer esports environment for young individuals. 

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