Women in Esports announces new Chair, 2021 tournament schedule, and voluntary positions

Women in Esports announces new Chair, 2021 tournament schedule, and voluntary positions

Adam McGowan
4 min read | 15 Apr 2021

Women in Esports is an initiative set up to promote inclusivity and diversity within the esports industry. Following its launch in 2019, Women in Esports continue to pursue their core aims in:

  • Female participation
  • Community
  • Education

Like the British Esports Advisory Board, the Women in Esports committee regularly meets up to discuss developments and areas of focus for Women in Esports, and offer their input to help steer forward the initiative.

Part of the latest committee agenda was to elect a new Chair to help lead aspects of the initiative.

After internal voting, Women in Esports are pleased to announce their new chairperson, Natacha Jones, Creative Director at NUEL.

She comments: “I’m grateful for this opportunity and I’m really looking forward to working with the rest of the committee and members to drive positive change in esports!”

Watch the full announcement here.

Natacha goes into detail on the Women in Esports core focus throughout 2021, which includes having more of an active approach on increasing female participation within esports.

Natacha will join Milly Preston, Head of Marketing for Excel Esports and Vice Chair of the Women in Esports Committee, in helping to develop the initiative further.

As well as this, Women in Esports announces their 2021 tournament schedule* on the FACEIT platform.

Through the Women in Esports FACEIT Organiser page, they aim to create a welcoming community through these tournaments.

They encourage more women (including trans and cis women) and femme identifying/femme presenting non-binary players to take part in esports tournaments at various levels.

The tournament schedule* for 2021 is as follows:

  • 24th April – Counter-Strike 5v5
  • 19th June – Counter-Strike 5v5
  • 24th July – League of Legends 5v5
  • 21st August – Counter-Strike 5v5
  • 18th September – Rocket League 3v3
  • 16th October – Counter-Strike 5v5
  • 4th December – Counter-Strike 5v5

*subject to change if required

To view all of the listed tournaments and to get involved, visit the Women in Esports FACEIT organiser page. 

Another core focus for the initiative throughout 2021 is to continue building up a strong community, alongside female participation in esports.

This is done through ways such as the Women in Esports Discord server. 

To help further support the initiative and grow the community, Women in Esports are recruiting for three volunteer roles:

These roles will allow the Women in Esports committee to grow, and get more people involved within the initiative.

Any questions about these roles can be directed to Morgan Ashurst, Marketing Manager ma@britishesports.org or Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer, Alice Leaman al@britishesports.org. 

About Women in Esports

Women in Esports is an initiative set up by the British Esports Association in November 2019 to promote inclusivity and diversity within the esports industry.

With a focus in increasing female participation, Women in Esports has looked to host a variety of events on different games, its FACEIT organiser page and much more to come.

You can find out more about the initiative on the British Esports website here: https://britishesports.org/women-in-esports-campaign/

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