‘The teachers are very supportive of us’ – an interview with the Fisher Falcons school esports teams

‘The teachers are very supportive of us’ – an interview with the Fisher Falcons school esports teams

Dominic Sacco
6 min read | 27 Feb 2019

We interview the Fisher Falcons’ Overwatch and Rocket League teams from St. John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy, who are taking part in our British Esports Championships for schools.



Please tell us about how the team got started.

The team’s core were the founding members of the Veracity Esports team, we started with 3 players and invited people we knew into the team.

Two people had never played Overwatch before but we knew we had good synchronisation with them from previous games – and saw that they were passionate about improving their skills.


Please tell us about the team name Fisher Falcons and where that came from?

The name Fisher Falcons came about from a simple idea from one of our players. The simple idea was literally listing animals that began with the letter F, for alliteration, until we found one that we thought sounded cool.


What is the team roster?

Our current roster consists of:

  • Main Tank: Joshua Love (IGN: J08)
  • Off Tank/Flex: Hamdaan Sheikh (IGN: Chowdan)
  • DPS: Bailey Barber-Scargill (IGN: Baifish)
  • Projectile DPS: Charlie McCabe (IGN:DXD)
  • Support: Harrison Barber-Scargill (IGN: Hariboe)
  • Support: Freddie Cromack (IGN: Freddalex)


How have you been doing so far?

In the last season of the competition we lost to The Brights who ended up winning season 1. We also lost to K.E.S who came second overall – both are competing again this season, and our current goal is is to at least go one better than last season’s semi-final and at least reach the season final. We know it’s a tall order though as both The Brights and K.E.S. are incredibly talented.


What kind of practicing routines do you have?

We play in scrims against people at or above our skill level to improve our teamwork. If we can’t get a scrim lined up then we enter competitive mode.

We have also had a number of scrims against teams in the championships.


Who does what in each team, please tell us about your roles and how your strategies have developed as a team so far?

In the team, J08, the main tank, acts as the shot caller and team manager, he calls out the strategies and directs the team. Hariboe calls out targets after he lands an Ana biotic grenade or places a discord orb on their head. Our main strategies are all focused on teamwork and we keep solo plays to a minimum.


What do you think of the British Esports Championships?

We think that the British Esports Championships are a great opportunity for people like us to get into esports competitions and acts as a foundation for joining the world of competitive gaming.


Tell us what the school, other teachers and parents have had to say about the Championships in general?

Whilst most teachers don’t know what esports is, they are all very supportive of the team and our ICT teachers are ecstatic at our progress and give us every chance possible to play.


What benefits have you seen from the Championships?

At the beginning of the tournament we had two people on the team who had never played Overwatch before, by having them play in the tournament they learnt how to play the game at a much faster rate than if they played the game in quickplay. The tournament has given us all opportunities to get better at the game.


Rocket League

Please tell us about how the team got started.

The team was started by our computer science teacher, Mr Ward. For season 1 he held try-outs and chose the best players from that.


What is the team roster?

For season 2 we have got two teams running, we have Team A lead by Callum B, then Alfie, Norbert and Moheeb. And Team B that contains Tom, Sam, Josh and ‘other Tom’. Tom C leads this squad.


How have you been doing so far?

Team A made it to the semi finals in the initial season which we were incredibly proud of, so this time we hope to at least get to the semi’s and even the finals! Team B is fresh this year but are already doing great so I have high hopes that we’re going to at least get to the finals on either team.


What kind of practicing routines do you have?

We have weekly practises for both teams where we address issues raised in the way we play and fine tune all of our tactics.

In Team A, I (Callum) generally lead and play defensive midfield, Moheeb plays striker, Alfie plays goalkeeper, and then there’s Norbert who’s just kind of there to boost starve each team because he love everyone!  In Team B, Tom generally plays upfront, Sam leads and plays striker, Josh plays midfield/ striker, and other Tom plays goalkeeper.


What do you think of the British Esports Championships?

British Esports Championships are amazing and has opened up countless opportunities for many of us.


What do teachers, students and parents think about the esports activities?

Teachers, students and parents have all agreed that the championships have had a massive boost on many of us, improving our ‘soft skills’ and helping us develop confidence.


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