Vote British Esports for the*gamehers Awards 2024

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Vote British Esports for the*gamehers Awards 2024

Mimi Craig
7 min read | 1 Feb 2024

British Esports, with the groundbreaking initiative, Women in Esports, has been nominated for the title of Org with the Best DEI Initiatives for the*gamehers awards 2024. Determined by public vote, we ask for your support and to cast your vote for British Esports. We’re helping shape the esports landscape towards a more inclusive and equitable future with initiatives like Women In Esports.

About Women in Esports

Launched in 2019, Women in Esports is a pioneering initiative. It has become a catalyst for transformative change within the esports industry. It’s guided by the leadership of Alice Leaman (Head of Operations) and Billie Purdie (Project Development Lead). The initiative operates under four key pillars: Educating, Engaging, Empowering and Expertise.

Women In Esports Student Champs Players

Key Pillars


The award winning initiative, Women in Esports, recognises the need for long-term change. It places a strong emphasis on education to address diversity and inclusivity issues within esports. By actively promoting awareness and understanding, the initiative is paving the way for a more inclusive industry simultaneously.


Actively engaging with individuals, Women in Esports showcases the multitude of career pathways and opportunities available to all. By fostering participation and excellence in the esports industry, the initiative is breaking down barriers and encouraging diverse talent.


The initiative believes in empowering individuals, urging them to welcome opportunities for growth and development in esports. By championing supportive environments that foster free expression and creativity, Women in Esports is shaping a space where everyone can thrive.


As experts in equity, diversity and inclusion, Women in Esports is dedicated to sharing its knowledge and insights with key stakeholders throughout esports. Through collaboration and education, the initiative aims to drive positive change while fostering a more diverse and inclusive environment.

Impact and Growth

Women in Esports has delivered significant growth and impact, creating a thriving community that invites women and marginalised gender individuals to participate in esports at all levels. The initiative’s impact is seen through its contributions to education, the creation of safe spaces, promotion of competition and community building, undeniably making it a worthy candidate for this award.

  • Education:
  • Safe Spaces:
    • Combatting toxicity in the community, Women in Esports has created a safer space for those who face discrimination and objectification. 
  • Promotion of Competition:
    • Actively promoting and celebrating competition at the highest level, the initiative levels the playing field for women and non-binary individuals. Women in Esports’ Lioness Cup 2023 being a great example of this.
  • Community Building:
    • Fostering a rapidly growing and supportive community, Women in Esports promotes inclusion of people of all abilities, sexuality, race, ethnicity and backgrounds in esports.
EDI Summit 2023 Speakers

Empowering the Future

Women in Esports is not just an initiative; it is a beacon of change that has illuminated the path toward a more equitable, diverse and inclusive esports industry. Their tireless efforts, transformative impact and commitment to education, engagement, empowerment and expertise, make Women in Esports a deserving candidate for the*gamehers awards. Cast your vote now, to support the initiative that has not only made a difference, but is continuously shaping a new future for esports.

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