Navigating University Clearing: Unlocking Your Path to Success

College of Esports at the Velodrome, Olympic Park

Navigating University Clearing: Unlocking Your Path to Success

Adam McGowan
15 min read | 11 Sep 2023

Introduction to University Clearing

The university Clearing process holds great excitement for prospective students. It opens doors to alternative academic routes and reveals new horizons of learning. For learners passionate about esports, university represents a unique opportunity to pursue a gaming passion alongside education. In this article, we dive into the intricacies of University Clearing and guide you through the considerations when choosing esports as part of your university journey.

College of Esports at the Velodrome, Olympic Park

Understanding University Clearing

University Clearing is a process that allows students to find suitable courses and institutions if they haven’t secured a place through the traditional application process, or if they have had a change of preference in course or university. 

It typically occurs after the release of exam results, and universities advertise available spaces for students that might be interested. Familiarise yourself with the Clearing process, important dates, and how to make the most of this opportunity.

If you’re interested in joining a university that offers a wide range of undergraduate courses in esports and video games, from a Bachelors Degree in International Esports Business & Digital Media to International Esports Business & Events Management, why not consider our exclusive university-level partner, College of Esports? It’s the world’s leading university level institution dedicated to the business of esports and gaming, and is currently taking on students through Clearing for September 2023.

Whilst spaces may be limited, applications remain open until the 17th October 2023. To learn more about College of Esports, visit

Students learning at the College of Esports

Understanding the UCAS Process

To apply for any university programme, students need to complete an application through the  Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, also known as UCAS. 

A guide to applications can be found on the official website. This will include adding your personal details, education to date, university choices as well as a personal statement. When considering a UCAS application, it’s important to highlight valuable experiences gained through participation in extracurricular activities, and esports is no exception. For example, participation in the British Esports Student Champs presents an excellent opportunity to showcase personal development and the relevant skills applicable to university progression, university life, and future careers. 

It may also be useful to reference any achievements you’ve gained through the Duke of Edinburgh Award, where esports counts as part of your Skills Activity.

Universities highly value examples of:

  • Student engagement in societies.
  • Effective time management.
  • Social skills.
  • Leadership abilities.
  • Teamwork.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Dedication to improvement.
  • Digital proficiency.
  • Independence.
  • Positive representation of the university and course as an ambassador. 

You will also need to include information within your application around your intentions to apply for student finance or not. 

Understanding Student Finance and University Fees

Most students are eligible for Student Finance. This is the support package offered by the UK government to students studying undergraduate or postgraduate courses. 

Funding is available to support you with your university fees and your living expenses such as accommodation, food and leisure. The funding is split into two parts, one to pay your university course fees and the other into a maintenance fund to help you with the cost of living whilst studying. 

It is important to note that this is a loan and involves a repayment plan. For example, you will repay your loan over a 40-year period. This is only repayable once you start earning over a certain threshold, as Student Finance England explains on The Student Room here

The threshold for repayments is £25,000. Once your salary is above this amount you will pay back 9% of everything you earn before tax. If you don’t earn over the threshold then you are not required to make any repayments. Once you start earning over the threshold you will then start to repay. 

The key question to ask yourself here is: Would you have a job that earns a high salary without a degree? This can therefore be seen as an investment into your own future.  

Most people never actually pay off the full loan amount and any outstanding loan amounts are written off after 40 years. 

There are also some useful online tools, such as the UCAS budget calculator or the Which? University website to help you manage your money throughout the year. Additionally, the Living Wage is higher in London and the Student Finance Maintenance Loan is paid at a higher rate for students living in London.

For information on how to apply for Student Finance and application deadlines please visit the relevant Student Finance website:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a University

During the University Clearing process, it’s essential to consider various factors before making a final  decision. 

Look beyond the course itself and consider the location, campus facilities, support services and the overall student experience. Determine what matters most to you and find a university that aligns with your aspirations and goals.

College of Esports, established in 2022, has combined the impressive facilities and strategic location of the Velodrome at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London with strong links to esports personnel, the British Esports Federation and other esports organisations at local, regional, national and international levels to provide students with all of the resources to become world-ready before graduation. You can further explore the College of Esports prospectus here

Exploring Esports as a University Option

British Esports has a partnership with College of Esports for its university-level esports degrees

Esports, the competitive world of video gaming, has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. More universities are recognising the value of esports and offering relevant courses, programmes and facilities to support students interested in this field. 

In the UK alone, there are now over 40 university courses on offer, from 15 university level providers. As the only university provider dedicated solely to esports, College of Esports offers 16 different esports and gaming courses including Games Art, Games Design, International Esports Business & Digital Marketing, International Esports Business & Event Management and much more.

Explore the full range of courses currently available at College of Esports here

Furthermore, as a university student, you will also have the opportunity to get involved and represent your university in competitive university esports tournaments, such as the NUEL or National Student Esports (NSE). 

Consider the following when exploring esports as a university option:

a. Esports Degrees and Programmes: Investigate universities that offer esports-related degrees or programmes. These may include esports business, events, production, game design, esports management, shoutcasting, or esports coaching. Look for institutions with a strong track record in esports education and partnerships with industry leaders.

b. Balancing Academia and Esports: It’s crucial to strike a balance between academia and esports commitments. Seek universities that have structures in place to support student-athletes, offering flexible schedules, esports clubs or teams, and access to esports arenas and specialist facilities.

Our exclusive university level partner, College of Esports, has participated in several activations with the British Esports Federation, including a cultural exchange and showcase tournament in South Korea at the KeSPA GLobal Esports Camp as well as visits to LoL Park, the Korean Hall of Fame and Gen.G HQ where students had the opportunity to engage with professional organisations and players. 

College of Esports also benefits from its own esports team, the London Legion, currently competing in the NUEL and NSE tournaments.

c. Career Opportunities: Research the career opportunities available within the esports industry. Consider the different roles such as professional player, team manager, event organiser, game developer, or content creator. Look for universities that provide networking opportunities, internships, work experience and industry connections to help launch your esports career. 

College of Esports’ innovative TRI-Curriculum approach allows students to apply academic knowledge and personal competence to real-world problems through their degree. This approach will help develop self-understanding, personal identity and a true sense of how to relate to the ever-growing esports world.

Funding and Scholarships

Financing your university education is an important consideration. Explore scholarships and funding options specifically tailored for esports enthusiasts. Many universities and organisations offer esports scholarships to support talented individuals. Research these opportunities and determine if they align with your financial needs and academic goals.

Business Start-Up Support

Due to the exciting and fast-growing nature of the global esports sector, many students will have ideas and a vision for their own esports business.

As a student at College of Esports you will have the opportunity to create and present your own esports business ideas to the senior team on an annual basis. Successful business ideas have the chance to compete for financial support, as well as expertise, advice and guidance. The College of Esports sees this as a chance to invest in student’s futures, as well as the future of the industry as a whole.

As a student on a business support programme, you will also pick up core business skills along the way during the creation of embryonic businesses whilst College of Esports staff will help you to grasp the power of strategic planning and its execution.


University Clearing provides a second chance for prospective students to secure a place in their desired institution. If you have a passion for esports, consider universities that offer esports related programmes and support such as College of Esports. 

Take the time to research your options, visit campuses and connect with faculty or current students to help make an informed decision. 

Remember, university can be a transformative experience, and by combining your academic pursuits with your passion for esports, you can unlock a world of opportunities and set yourself on a path to success.

Explore College of Esports and begin your journey today.

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